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 Performance Diploma
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 Arranging & Orch Diploma
 Multimedia Composition
 Music Production Engineering

 Composer-Performing Artist 
 Professional Arranger
 Professional Composer
  Professional Musician

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Instrumental Concentrations

Most USSCM students choose Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Drums for an instrumental major. All students, regardless of their major, receive training with each of these four rhythm section instruments. Or you may major in any contemporary melodic instrument; experienced vocalists, string or horn players may major on their own instrument, but also will complete the rhythm section instrumental training.

Music Universals
Musican Preparatory Trainings
SuperChops Series

What's the benefit of taking certificate programs over the certificate course list? USSCM Diploma students are required to take two certificate course list and enjoy a 10 percent discount off the face price of the elective course.
If you are interested in taking all of the sections of a particular certificate headline -- you may instead choose to enroll in the certificate program entitling you to the same discount given to the diploma program students.