The JOI Enhanced CD’s contain:

• Explanation and demonstrations of basic lesson concepts and techniques.
• The recorded lessons, at a constant 120 beats per minute.
• Standard MIDI files jl performance licensed for personal use with your CD-ROM drive and favorite computer sequencer, which allows key and tempo changes.

The music recording is two channel monaural, for a binaural result. The voicings are entirely on your left speaker, and the melodies are entirely on your right speaker. By adjusting your balance control, you can choose a mix useful for a variety of practice purposes. The following variations are useful to increase your enjoyment and to help you to focus on different aspects of playing:

• Listening to a mixture of both is great for learning the sound of the lessons. Adjust the mix to suit your mood.
• Listening to the melodies only (pan balance to right), you’re the rhythm section! Practice the chord voicings alone and try comping variations.
• Listening to the comping voicings only (pan balance to left), you’re the soloist! Play the lines alone and focus on development of smooth technique. Feel the logical flow of the phrases.

Notice that the JazzHanons appear in both speakers, and that the metronome click has been placed to the left of center, to emphasize the comping.

Regular listening and playing along with the CD’s will deepen your understanding and rapid absorption of the JoyOfImprov Foundation Level concepts.