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USSCM "Prodigy to Professional" P2P Accelerated Residential Program

Success in the Music Industry depends primarily on experience and recommendations from professional colleagues. Also, in many of the most financially rewarding areas of the industry, a premium valuation is put on youth. For these and many other reasons outlined elsewhere in this catalog, traditional schools, which require four years or more of study, are often not appropriate and their drop-out rates are very high. USSCM efficient programs already meet this need, however some students wish to progress more rapidly or they need help establishing the discipline required of professionals.

USSCM is proud to announce its Accelerated Residential Program for a very small number of talented students who wish to progress as rapidly as possible through their College studies. Precocious students may finish 6 microsemesters in a single year and complete the minimum Diploma Program in a year and a half; the equivalent of four years' materials at other schools. Highly-focused students may accomplish the equivalent of an undergraduate and graduate Diploma Program in less time than it takes students at ordinary schools to finish their undergraduate.

Here's what P2P student Rui Zhong has to say about his studies: "I never thought I'd be learning so quickly and thoroughly."



Performance, Songwriting, MediaScoring (see the USSCM catalog).


~Musical prodigies who wish to become music professionals as quickly as possible.

~Advanced music students who wish to prepare as rapidly as possible for a commercial music career.

~USSCM students who realize they need assistance with injecting discipline into their regimen of studies.

~Also excellent for graduates of ordinary music schools who wish to turn professional.

BENEFIT: You will receive frequent personal supervision of your studies and be encouraged to work diligently to develop your self-sufficiency as a professional musician.

HOW IT WORKS: Six-month residencies alternated with six months of home-study at the same pace; start any time!

REQUIREMENTS: You are an advanced student or prodigy who is a good player and music reader on your primary instrument.

COST: Program contents and tuition costs are the same; the only additional cost is for independently contracted housing in USSCM approved accommodations plus living expenses while studying. See (call 617-666-4839 to discuss.

VISAS: Six month visas are typical. Non-US residents may call to discuss options for longer visas during their studies.

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