Would you like to be more creative, intelligent, expressive, intuitive, artistic, free, and promotional of yourself and others?

Would you like to be a better decision maker, planner, leader, healer, athlete, lover, or matchmaker?

Would you like to have better judgement, and be more of an individual?

YogaGuitar Level 2 Studies are concerned with
1) Acquiring flexibility in the poses and recognizing how they influence one's personality.

2) Acquiring a working knowledge of the relationships between our type and that of others.

body meridians

YogaGuitar's mission is to help ordinary people turn themselves into artists and to help artists turn themselves into masters.

Chinese medicine recognizes that meridians have a close association with body organs and personalities.

After observing that yoga poses can be analyzed as stretches along meridians, Robert Cooley empirically developed a database of characteristics of 16 meridian personality types.

The second stage of YogaGuitar is the study of these types and their relationships with each other. The benefits are a greater understanding of our own personalities, a greater tolerance of the personalities of others, enhanced access to the beneficial qualities of our own personalities and those of others, and as a tool for measuring physical and mental health.

YogaGuitar Level 3


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