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  U.S. School of Commercial Music Bulletin 2009

Major Specializations


Statement of Purpose

In each microsemester of your highly focused USSCM Program, you will learn material normally covered in an entire college semesters. Your USSCM program will first consist of the MusicCraftTM studies, which emphasize and develop such traditional skills as Musicianship, Composition, Performance, Soloing, and Artistry. As you advance in your studies, you'll acquire an artistic specialization such as:

USSCM Instrumental Training

USSCM students learn the fundamentals of four rhythm section instruments, and choose a major from these (Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Drums.) Experienced vocalists, string or horn players may major on their own instrument, but also complete rhythm training applied to your instrument.

Your Reward

   The returns from a USSCM education are great, the rewards, priceless: expanded career opportunities, a diploma or Director's Diploma, additional income from filmscores, gigs or teaching, playing music with others, the respect of other musicians, social advantages, and hearing your music performed. Most of all, the greatest benefit of USSCM training is a wonderful sense of accomplishment and personal enrichment.
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