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  U.S. School of Commercial Music Bulletin 2009


   Virtually all successful musicians have benefited from high-level training. But how many of us are able to attend a resident music school, or to engage an outstanding private teacher? Unfortunately, most musicians, unable to obtain this type of training where they live, are left on the outside, looking in.


Founded 1977

Freelance Music changed all that in 1977 when it began to publish information previously known only to an inner circle of music professionals and world-class music teachers. Since that time, many of our students have become professional writers and performing artists by studying at home - saving considerable time and money.


Surprising Advantages over Residential Schools

As a USSCM student, you will develop your skills at home, at your own accelerated or leisurely pace. You will realize extraordinary financial savings through home study, while benefiting in ways not possible within a residency school. For example, the specially designed course materials permit you to interact with professional musicians immediately, not merely with other students. USSCM courses are easily digestible, and isolate important elusive information known only to those at the top of the musical crafts. For more details, see "Brief History: Music Education."

Start Any Time

   You may start your USSCM course at any time; there are no semester system constraints. As you begin your studies, you'll receive a wealth of information in the form of books, tapes, sheet music, fakebooks, software, articles, and special publications not available elsewhere. As part of your program, you'll receive a library of hand picked volumes, to round out your education and provide a continuing source of inspiration/reference.

USSCM Faculty Advisor

   USSCM has prepared study materials which contain the most relevant information and use the latest learning techniques. Your interaction with us begins with these materials, but does not end there. You'll be speaking periodically with your Faculty Advisor (FA), who understands the subjects you're learning, and can give you the expert guidance you'll need throughout your coursework. Frequent contact with your FA is an integral part of the USSCM experience.

Expert Guidance

   USSCM practice schedules thoroughly outline your level of involvement and learning activity on a daily basis, leaving nothing to chance. Your advisor is a professional musician and experienced teacher who will suggest one of our proven schedules and encourage you to adhere to it.

Cost Benefits

   For much less than the cost of a residential program, your USSCM program will cover traditional and modern musical subjects in a way which cuts through to essential matter, without the usual time-wasting side trips - Immersive LearningTM techniques ensure absorption of the material. USSCM courses emphasize music creation, rather than mere theory, yet you will probably find USSCM courses to be among the most comprehensive of any you may encounter.
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