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  U.S. School of Commercial Music Bulletin 2009

The USSCM Approach



Course Materials

During your training you will receive many specialized workbooks, textbooks, tapes, publications, and other references.

MusicSourceTM Reference Library

In addition to comprehensive course materials, you will receive the USSCM MusicSourceTM Reference Library, which contains composer approved song collections, business guides, dictionaries, recordings, scores, visual aids, periodicals, personal enrichment guides, and more. Almost instantly, you'll have access to the same materials to which top professionals frequently refer as a renewing well of information and inspiration. Normally, such a library would take years to assemble, at significant cost and effort.


Your Advisor

   You'll be assigned a Faculty Advisor, whom you'll call upon frequently for motivation, coaching and guidance. Your advisor has the experience and understanding you'll require to navigate this fast-paced learning experience, and will readily answer your many questions. Your FA's objective is to help you succeed.

Progress Reports

   Experienced USSCM faculty will review your personal progress reports to help keep you focused and anticipate possible learning difficulties.


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