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  U.S. School of Commercial Music Bulletin 2009

USSCM MusicCraftTM Studies


The cornerstone of your USSCM studies is the unique PERFORMANCE & IMPROVISATION MusicCraftTM studies, which will give you a firm foundation in the essential areas of music: WRITING, EARTRAINING, PERFORMANCE and IMPROVISATION. The MusicCraft experience is a one-of-a-kind educational investment from which you will draw significant returns for the rest of your musical life:        

ARR 008

In this course you will learn efficient organizational techniques and acquire tools for the professional presentation of your music.

ETR 011-018

You'll receive the complete self-paced version of the acclaimed Big Ears Perfect Pitch MethodTM, which simultaneously emphasizes Perfect, Intervallic, & Relative Pitch Recognition, while imprinting modern pop harmony and chordscales.

HAR 011-018

   Mastery of this Harmony/Theory will enable you to compose and improvise in the way you've always dreamed. You'll acquire the analytical tools and conceptual insights that enable all great musicians to understand any musical style and to express themselves effectively and artistically.

ARR 011-018

   With this essential, hard-to-get training, you'll become an effective presenter of your own music, and be well on the road to being a sought-after, highly respected arranger, ready to approach such idioms as pop recordings, concerts, video, film, and television with confidence, flair, and a can-do attitude. The early microsemesters focus on basic aspects of arranging that apply to improvisation and songwriting, while the ADVANCED IMPROVISATION, SCHILLINGER, SONGWRITING, ARRANGING & ORCHESTRATION and MEDIA COMPOSITION studies go into much more depth.

IP 011-018
IS 011-018

   With USSCM multi-instrumental training, you will develop a personalized approach to instrumental technique that will help you stand out from the crowd as a player and writer. You'll acquire proficiency on the four rhythm section instruments, which are so much in demand today, and which are essential for your musical survival. You'll appreciate the synergy of this approach and begin to generate musical insights at an ever increasing pace, as a major step to attaining your musical goals. Players of other instruments (horns, strings, etc.) will benefit from hands-on experience as a rhythm section player as a foundation for multi-instrumental performance and arranging.

ENS 011-018

   Your Faculty-Minus-OneTM ensembles utilize little understood learning techniques unavailable elsewhere. It is here that you will synthesize your MusicCraft skills as you learn all the important popular musical idioms.

MusicCraft, which provides the bulk of your first four micro-semesters, is only the beginning! Upon this foundation, you will overlay your studies in a major concentrate, and select electives which reflect your individual interests and goals.

In subsequent Modules, the skeletal structure of USSCM's educational philosopy (WRITING, EARTRAINING, PERFORMANCE and IMPROVISATION) the microsemester themes continue with appropriate shifts of emphasis:

Commercial Music Foundation/Duke
Contemporary Performance Fundamentals/Miles
Intermediate Performance Fundamentals/Standards
Intermediate Technical Fundamentals/Latin

Advanced Technical Fundamentals and Sightreading 1/Blues
Advanced Performance Fundamentals and Sightreading 2/Bebop
Elements of Stylistic Fusion and Sightreading 3/Advanced Bebop and Fusion
Interpretation & Accompaniment and Sightreading 4/Contemporary Improv Forms and Techniques

Historical and World Song Forms and Music Business 1/Historical and World Song Forms
Composed-Through Songwriting and Music Business 2/Art-Popular Song Forms
Jazz Songwriting/Jazz Song Forms
Jazz-Classical, Poetic and Higher Emotional Songwriting/Jazz-Classical Higher Emotional Esoteric Song Forms

The Mathematical Basis of the Arts and JS Bach's System of Chordscales/Historical Compositions
Schillinger Method of Musical Composition 1 and Russell Lydian Chromatic Concept/Contemporary Comp 1
Schillinger Method of Musical Composition 2 and Leavitt Melodic Chordscale System/Contemporary Comp 2
Schillinger Kaleidophone, Linear Counterpoint and Parker System of Jazz Improvisation/Contemporary Comp 3

Commercial Arranging/Orchestration in Historical and American Culture
Music to Sell By/Jingles Culture
Small Ensembles and Further Schillinger Applications/Small Group Recorded Culture in Radio, Record and TV
Large Ensembles/Large Group Recorded Culture

Documentary Film Scoring/Ethnic US and World Music in Film
Hollywood Movie Scoring 1/Popular Music in Film
Hollywood Movie Scoring 2/Jazz Music in Film
Music Composition for Modern Technologies/Contemporary Music in New Media

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