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  U.S. School of Commercial Music Bulletin 2009

Dual (Triple) Major Concentrations

USSCM also offers dual and triple major programs. After completion of an eight microsemester program , students may add a four microsemester module in another program at a total tuition expense half that of the first program. Primary instrument lessons continue during extended study. We work with each student individually to determine the best sequence of majors. For example, some students are better off taking Music Synthesis before Music Production, while others are better off taking Arranging before Synthesis. Examples of typical combined programs are:
  • Performance /Professional Arranging
  • Professional Arranging/Songwriting
  • Arranging /Synthesis
  • Synthesis /Production Engineering
  • etc.

Traditional Music Studies
and General Education Modules

For those students who wish or require it, USSCM offers Traditional Music Studies and General Education Courses. The first contains two levels of Traditional Counterpoint, Harmony, and Composition, History of Music, and Conducting, as taught in conservatories and ordinary music colleges. The second contains the courses necessary to fulfill the general education requirements. Each module's tuition is equal to two micro-semesters of the USSCM Director's Diploma Program.
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