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John Amaral with Kevin Eubanks
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USSCM tools for eartraining and improvisation

USSCM tools for independent study

  Master Eartraining
  with BigEars
  and EarGym

  Master Improvisation
  with Joy Of Music

  Master Performance
  with Amaral/Eubanks
  performance guides

The BigEarsTM and EarGymTM eartraining systems,
Joy of Improvisation series,
and John Amaral/Kevin Eubanks performance guides
are each available separately.


US School Director, Professor John Amaral, and his colleagues have developed a series of innovative self-instructional materials to guide you to mastery of your ear and your chosen instrument.

These tools take advantage of the technical developments of the past 30 years to introduce innovative music learning paradigms still neglected by most music educators. 


Originally developed in 1977, various elements in the BigEars eartraining system were tested with Berklee College of Music students, and later greatly revised for students at the US School of Commercial Music. BigEars is now separately available as a set of 12 CDs with an accompanying textbook and workbook. When you work with BigEars to acquire Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch skills, you will hear music in new and extraordinary ways.
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EarGym, available by subscription on the World Wide Web, embodies new, efficient teaching paradigms only possible with computers: Tailored Iteration and Persona Strategies. EarGym develops skills within the context of a series of games, unifying eartraining, performance training, and repertory to provide a seamless musical education. Each game focuses on a single skill, iterating and adapting exercises to the user's performance to maximize learning efficiency.

Students can access EarGym through any web browser, and Java code drives the system's responses. You may start training your ear online with only a computer keyboard and a mouse, but to take full advantage of the system you should use a MIDI instrument connected to a computer through a MIDI interface.
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Users must install Java Virtual Machines, QuickTime, and QuickTime for Java, all available free on the web

Joy of Improv and Breakthrough to Improv

Improvisation is the creation of new music; the spontaneous expression of the depth and variety of human emotion. JoyOfImprov provides a clear, practical program for developing the vocabulary and technique for music improvisation.

JoyOfImprovTM is a 12 to 24 month foundation course for music improvisation on all instruments. In the course, 52 lessons emphasize practice rather than theory. The course develops all the foundational abilities needed to improvise in the Blues and Jazz idioms, but is not limited to these styles.

Based on many years of study of the methods of master teachers, and further research, development and testing with hundreds of students, JOITM has been developed for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. Also, players with beginning reading skills will benefit greatly from working with the JoyOfImprov CDs.
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Master Performance with John Amaral Products/Kevin Eubanks Products

Kevin Eubanks and John Amaral Book/CD Pack:
"Kevin Eubanks, Creative Guitarist" performance guide and CD. An essential foundation for Jazz Guitar improvisation, which includes informed advice from Kevin about how to run a band and work in the music business. An in-depth approach to the music concepts and unique techniques of this great jazz guitarist. Includes: Lead Sheets For Five Original Compositions, Chord Forms, Chord Scales, Melodic Development, Approach Techniques, Technical Studies, Harmonic Development, and more.

Kevin Eubanks Collection (guitar): Artist Transcriptions of 12 selections from the albums 'Turning Point,' 'Spirit Talk,' and 'Spirit Talk 2,' including: Inside Livin' Aftermath (Part II) Earth and more
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