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BigEarsTM Perfect Pitch & EarGymTM eartraining systems

Regardless of our instrument, musical style, or performance level, as musicians we have a common interest in improving our listening skills. Without exception, a fundamental problem with previously available eartraining products is that they focus on isolated skills without tying them together in a practical or meaningful way. These courses and methods are completely subjective; that is, they rely upon your ability to teach yourself, and to evaluate your own progress.

BigEars and EarGym, designed by Professor John Amaral, work in real-time to build specific and concrete listening skills you can use. You always know how well you are progressing and what your challenges are. A radical high-technology approach provides potent workouts that strengthen your musical muscles and enhance your listening strategies.

BigEars includes 12 CD’s, a textbook, and a music workbook. Using it is relaxing and fun. Working with BigEars, you match the perfectly in tune recordings and automatically acquire portable Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch skills. Each time you work with BigEars, you may find measurable improvement over your previous session. Soon you will find yourself listening to music in new and extraordinary ways. You will acquire the skills that other methods only talk about.
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EarGym guides you through a series of interactive musical games online. Designed by Professor Amaral and coded by Ivan Ceraj and Tony Nelson, EarGym sharpens your musical reflexes, increases the flexibility of your listening strategies, and builds musical stamina. You rapidly learn to identify the pitches which are the "atomic structure" of music, the voicings which are the organic compounds of musical materials, and the contextual relationships in which are encoded musical meaning. EarGym gets to know you and your eartraining problems, and helps you adapt strategies as you develop your skills. You may play a free sample EarGym game at

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EarGym access is free to qualified individuals and families.

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BigEars, including 12CD's, textbook, and music workbook, is $139.

An EarGym subscription is only $10/month plus a $10 setup fee. After the initial month, your card will be charged $10 automatically each month until you say you no longer need a musical workout. If you purchase BigEars online, your first month of EarGym is free, and you can begin training immediately.

BigEars and EarGym are individually incredible. Together, they are unbeatable. They can help you acquire lifelong skills for all styles of music and instruments. To ORDER NOW with your major credit card, call 617-666-4839 and press 4 for sales.
Users must install Java Virtual Machines. Macintosh users also need QuickTime and QuickTime for Java. Java and Quicktime are available free on the web.