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  U.S. School of Commercial Music: Application Instructions

Application Instructions


Admissions Policy

We use a "rolling admissions" process; applications are dealt with promptly, at all times of the year, rather than in large numbers two or three times a year.

The charter of U.S. School of Commercial Music establishes as a fundamental policy of the institution to "provide its services to all qualified persons and to employ faculty and staff without discrimination on the basis of race, creed or religion, sex, or national origin." USSCM reserves the right to alter its programs, policy, tuition and all administrative, academic and other functions relating to its operation without notice.


Background Required for Admissions

U.S. School of Commercial Music admits all qualified applicants, the main qualification being a sincere desire to learn more about music. We prefer that you have as much musical experience as possible, but if you are at least a disciplined beginner who is willing to work hard, you will do well because USSCM methods are rapid and efficient. It is not required that you have a high school diploma, but people without one should have at least a moderate amount of job or military experience. If you have any questions about whether you should apply, or whether or not you are likely to be admitted if you do apply, you are welcome to telephone and discuss your situation.




Required for All Programs:

  • in-tune piano or MIDI keyboard w/piano sound
  • easy-to-play guitar (may be used for bass learning)
  • MIDI drum box w/stickable pads or acoustic drum set
  • quartz metronome
  • quartz instrument tuner
  • two stereo cassette recorders for simultaneous playback/record
  • fax machine or online email access
Optional for All Programs:
  • electric bass
  • four track cassette recorder-player or computer digital audio recorder
  • a separate telephone line for your fax or modem is very helpful
Required for Music Synthesist, Multimedia Scoring, and Music Production Engineer Programs
  • USSCM Courseware
  • MIDI interface
  • Mixer, Amplifier, Monitors
  • MIDI instrument controller (keyboard or guitar)
  • Late model Macintosh computer



  • Read the application instructions and application.

  • Contact USSCM to discuss your plan of study:
    the program, options, and type of diploma that will be most helpful to you.
    We will also be happy to answer other questions you may have: registrar@usschoolofmusic.com.


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   Application also
   available as
 ms-word document

After you have discussed your course of study with USSCM staff,
return the following to the USSCM Registrar:
Return the following to USSCM Registrar:
  • The Application
    Submit the application online
    or print the ms-word document and mail to the address below
    or fax to the number below.
  • Optional cassette tape of your playing to help us evaluate your needs.
    Mail to US School registrar at address below.
  • Optional resumé or CV to help us evaluate your needs.
    Mail or fax to US School registrar.
  • Your signed Agreement
    Print the agreement as an msword document and mail it to the address below
    or fax it to the address below.
    or, if you have supplied a fax number, we can fax you a copy of the the agreement at your request, and you can fax it back to us.
  • Your initial payment
    Mail a cashier's check or personal check, or we can accept a bank wire.

Mail to:
US College/US School of Commercial Music
113 Barksdale Professional Center
Newark, DE 19711-3258

Fax: (617) 628-4917


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