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  U.S. School of Commercial Music Bulletin 2006: Tuition Schedule and Application

Tuition Schedule

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Design Your Program


The cost of a diploma program at U.S. School of Commercial Music can be as little as $7500 for 8 microsemesters, plus the tuition for your electives (minimum two), minus applicable discounts and scholarships; your total tuition cost is a fraction of that of other schools – about 10%!
Tuition is normally paid in full. USSCM programs range from 8 microsemesters (a minimum of 8 months) in length to 24 microsemesters. Programs vary in cost because each student chooses and designs the program structure which best suits his or her needs and goals.
New rebate program; click for details




The basic tuition for USSCM Diploma Program students begins at $7500 ranging to $22,500 for 24 microsemesters, on which discounts may be applied. This includes all necessary textbooks, workbooks, lecture tapes, bonus equipment, MusicCraftTM courses, charts, references, shipping within the United States, etc, for each microsemester in the program. All homework that students submit is thoroughly reviewed for accuracy and presentation.

Students receiving material outside the continental United States must pay for shipping per microsemester.

Please view this carefully before making your agreement with the School.

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Your USSCM program consists of several modules (a minimum of 2), each of which is four microsemesters in length.
Your tuition payment covers:
  • review of application and evaluation of optional audition tape
  • registration and extensive materials preparation
  • freight inside the United States
  • retention of Faculty Advisor and interviews with FA
  • monthly evaluation of micro-semester progress reports
  • tuition
  • all necessary materials, exclusive of required equipment (below)
  • USSCM diploma issued upon completion


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The USSCM Director's Diploma Program combines the features of the Diploma Program and Projects/Reviews with additional individual tailoring, grading and recordkeeping of all assignments, and broader coursework credited from your college transcript or equivalents from a Life Experiences Portfolio. (See http://www.degree.net/books/bearsguide.htm.)

     You may switch from Director's Diploma into the Diploma program, but not from Diploma Program into Director's Diploma.

The USSCM Director's Diploma is particularly suitable as a post-graduate program for those already possessing a degree. Selecting the USSCM Director's Diploma Program adds an additional $1125 dollars per module (per 4 microsemesters) to the diploma program tuition.

Diplomas and Director's Diplomas

  • The USSCM Diploma is a certificate issued to the graduating student which indicates completion of Diploma Program studies.
  • The USSCM Director's Diploma is a special certificate issued to the graduating student which indicates completion of the more rigorous Director's Diploma Program studies.
  • The USSCM Director's Diploma is not a degree.


Diploma or
You decide
what you need.


Music is a wide open, highly competitive field as well as a unique personal art form. Musicians are hired on the basis of performance and overall competency. In the real world of professional music, credentials are not as important as ability and marketable skills. On the other hand, USSCM has observed a growing need for recognizable credentials in selected areas of the music business. For this reason, our students have the option of earning a non-accredited USSCM Director's Diploma, by completing the required courses.  


The Director's Diploma program looks best for me.
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Music professionals or students having substantial prior college-level music training will particularly benefit from the Advanced Projects Option.

Recommended Computer


We highly recommend and support Macintosh for our students' studies, but students may use the computer of their choice.

Certain USSCM majors require a recent-make Macintosh Computer and the Courseware Option:
Multimedia Scoring, Music Production.
This requirement may be waived by experienced students pending USSCM approval.



The cost of your USSCM training will not increase during your uninterrupted enrollment. Your adherence to the techniques and materials of your courses will result in professional level training. Also see 'Interrupting Your Pacing'.



Students ordinarily pay their entire tuition in advance for which they receive a 10% discount. Modules not paid for at initial enrollment are not eligible for discount.  The discount includes electives declared at initial enrollment.

Other discounts and scholarships may be viewed and applied on the page Plan and design your USSCM Diploma Program. Go to the financial aid page to view the scholarships and academic discounts available (Financial Aid).

The discounts and scholarships once approved (fax or mail proof and/or applications) can be applied directly by you during the enrollment process (Enroll Now).

An enrollment application which includes a discount not approved by USSCM will not be honored.

Financial Aid

Basic tuition (not options) for the 3rd microsemester is paid by USSCM for students who meet any one of the following criteria.
  • membership in the International Musician's Association or National Association of Music Merchants
  • a Bachelor's Degree (send transcript)
  • Armed Services Veteran or currently on active duty

Go to the financial aid page to view the list of scholarships and academic discounts available (Financial Aid).The discounts and scholarships once approved (fax or mail proof and/or applications) can be applied directly by you during the enrollment process (Enroll Now).

USSCM tuition is lower than 99% of all U.S. music schools. We pay our faculty well and there is no significant room for adjustment of fees,

  • Many of our students remain employed while they study.
  • The USSCM Program is relatively short in duration. A personal loan for tuition may be paid back with low interest.
  • Some of our students have been successful in finding alternative financing, either from employers, from foundations that make grants to individuals, or by other creative means.

New rebate program 2008
We have initiated a new program: as a USSCM student, you can sign up new students to receive a scholarship. Every student you introduce to USSCM, who actually starts his or her studies, entitles you to a free microsemester during your training.

If your training is complete, the compensation for each new student is $400.


The Education Contract


The student/school education contract is a commitment of time over the set of materials chosen. USSCM allows to the student to continue at their own pace. While there are no hard line time allotments during which a module or microsemester may be completed, we feel that two months should be the maximum time allowed to undertake a microsemester. Modules are 'finished' when the material and assignments are completed. Only completion of each microsemester's assignments will advance the student through the program.

Withdrawal and Cancellation


The program may be cancelled for a full refund minus the $200 application and audition review fee if done so within the first two weeks after enrollment.

Students are dropped after 120 days of inactivity. Students who have made a reasonable start and are resuming within one year of their start date may continue at their current level (if any progress into the module was made); otherwise, they must start the most recent module over.

The education contract is a two way contract which establishes a relationship between student and school over the duration of the modules and electives selected for the diploma program during enrollment. Unlike other schools the microsemester duration is variable and is essentially decided by the student.

Written withdrawal is required.

Students resuming within one year of their start date may continue at their current level; otherwise, they must start over.

After reading through this bulletin, you may wish to discuss your goals, background, and personal situation with USSCM administrators. Please feel free to telephone or email at any time: (617) 666-4839,



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