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  U.S. School of Commercial Music: Financing Terms

USSCM Tuition Special Financing Terms (Available December 2008 Only)


Ordinarily, full tuition is due at the beginning of a Diploma Program, which qualifies students for a 10% discount. However, we would like to give you a heads-up about an extraordinary time-limited opportunity to get started with USSCM! Go to the home page and click on "Special financing available during December 08!" This offer is limited, so you may wish to consider taking advantage of it now!

Note: Each year, there is a hiatus in shipping for two weeks in January and July, due to the MacWorld and NAMM Shows. Homework supervision continues unabated.


ADDENDUM TO TUITION AGREEMENT: USSCM is experimenting with in-school financing. This extraordinary arrangement is interest-free. However, if you are not paying for your program in ful at Registration, USSCM is financing your program, so UNCHECK the box on the design page for 10% additional savings.

The interest-free terms for USSCM financing are to divide the total tuition into three equal Payments and the total number of microsemesters into three equal groups. Two electives count as one group.

Payment One is due at Application/Registration.
Payment Two is due during the last week of the first group of microsemesters.
Payment Three is due during the last week of the second group of microsemesters.

Example 1: if you have two Modules in your program, that's 8 microsemesters plus one for electives, so payments are due prior to microsemesters 4 and 7, in the last weeks of microsemesters 3 and 6.

Example 2: if you have three Modules in your program, that's 12 microsemesters plus one for electives, so payments are due prior to microsemesters 5 (electives) and 9, in the last weeks of microsemesters 4 and 8.(adjust to fit your own program).

In order to maintain this arrangement, students must finish their studies at a rate of no more than three months (12 weeks) per microsemester; two months is preferable and one month is possible for precocious full-time students who are not otherwise engaged with employment or another school.

This ADDENDUM should be copied and pasted into a text document, adjusted and separately printed, signed and dated and included with your faxed TUITION AGREEMENT.



Special Discount for Diploma Program Electives (Available January 2008 Only)

INCENTIVE FOR JANUARY 2008: During the month of January 2008, Diploma Program students may take a 50%discount on their Electives when paying for their program in full. (This represents a minimum reduction of approximately $995.)

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