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Virtually every idiom of popular music is based upon well-written songs. These songs don't just happen by accident. They are composed by knowledgeable, experienced writers. Today's songwriter must not only be conversant with style, prose, music theory, and songform, he or she must be technologically competent. Nearly every song that is recorded today started its life as a self-produced demo. Your USSCM course will train you in the compositional techniques used by great composers and songwriters, while encouraging you to develop your recording skills. You'll study styles and artists, and learn how to project your own voice through them. Note that the two suggested variations of the program change the sequence of when SongWriting is studied.

Program Design:
The following example meets the minimum requirements for the songwriting concentration. Move on to Designing your Program.


This second example is of a Performer/Songwriter – for instance, one who wishes to make a living as a songwriter who performs his or her songs within a band context as a frontline soloist. Move on to Designing your Program.

PerformanceSongWritingSchillingerAdvanced Improv
This next example (below) is of a Songwriter/Performer – one who wishes to be a concertizing performer of his or her original songs. The difference is the emphasis and timing of when SongWriting is studied in depth and the level of musical sophistication one wishes to aim for. We recommend the study of the Schillinger System in both instances, because it adds so much power to a student's musical arsenal (see Schillinger Module description).Move on to Designing your Program.
PerformanceSchillingerAdvanced ImprovSongWriting