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USSCM college diploma programs offer fun, enjoyable yet rigorous training for:

performing artist/songwriter/composer The future of music is in your hands! USSCM carefully works with you to expose you to a wide library of influential material and approaches, so that you can both grow the future and honor the past. MORE...

music producer As a producer, you may have strongly wished to 'fill-in-the-gaps' in your music education. With USSCM, we help you design the program you need to fulfill your potential with confidence. MORE...

music support professional As a working professional, you are intensely motivated to succeed as have USSCM's most historically successful students. MORE...

weekend warrior You may have always wanted a college-level commercial music education but never had the excess time for typical bricks-and-mortar training. At USSCM, while you live your life, you can efficiently and enjoyably acquire the core of a fine commercial music education without the usual expense and time. Please see our minimum recommended time investments. MORE...

road warrior If you're on the road in music or another profession that brings home the bacon, USSCM understands your needs and can help you complete your studies during your travel downtime. All you need is your laptop, an occasional internet connection and a portable instrument (we can advise). MORE...

lifelong music-maker USSCM's programs provide the structure, finest materials and guidance you need to realize your true potential. MORE...

dedicated non-professional musician USSCM's methods provide the structured quality information you need to excel and compete. We constantly review and update, so you are getting the most efficient and relevant materials. MORE...

parents of music career-path young adults A college music education can be an expensive investment in a challenging profession. You want to support your son or daughter, but also want to know that your money is well-spent. A program at USSCM is a relatively inexpensive way to find out and is also an excellent strategic move prior to a bricks and mortar program, because well-prepared students routinely reap high benefits from great residential music schools (scholarships, good contacts, better teachers, better ensembles) without having to spend a full four years. That's the inside scoop on way it works and you can save a lot of $. Of course, for dedicated gifted students, USSCM may be all they need. The best time to begin your child's USSCM program is whenever he or she has made a real internal commitment to having a music career. With very precocious individuals, this can begin as early as high school or home-school and as late as necessary. And, the investment also pays off if your child moves on to a different profession, because formal music training is also known to raise IQ and to have many other fringe benefits (social, emotional, etc.), so many employers in non-related fields recognize its value. Please feel free to contact USSCM to discuss your unique needs. MORE...

parents of Home-Schooled students You may have seen Mr. Holland's Opus (and many other popular entertainments involving youngsters) and realize that music training is a life-long gift that enhances social skills, second-brain emotional processing, and can open many other doors. Once again, the best time to begin your child's USSCM program is whenever he or she has made a real internal commitment to having a music career. With very precocious individuals, this can begin as early as high school or home-school and as late as necessary. USSCM adapts its programs for precocious students as young as 11 years who have shown musical promise or great interest. If you have questions about the value of music training we will be happy to forward corrollary materials and have a conversation with you about your child's unique needs. MORE...



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Learn guitar and bass at a professional level with a distance learning music program at US School of Commercial Music.



USSCM offers serious students
and working musicians an affordable equivalent to residential college music programs. The college has provided distance learning programs, since its inception in 1985. (READ MORE ABOUT OUR DISTANCE LEARNING MUSIC PROGRAMS...)

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