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Why USSCM is a better (unique) choice...

(Performance – telling your story – is the foundation for advanced studies. Personal!)

USSCM faculty's personal care makes sure that your talents, experience and aims are recognized and nurtured, beginning with personal expression and continuing through all your studies. You're not lost in a faceless shuffle.

(Make or choose your Program and help us customize it. Interactive!)

Help design and sequence a program that best suits your potential.

(Major in your instrument and also concentrate on guitar, keyboard, bass and rhythm. Thorough!)

USSCM studies support every melodic and harmonic instrument; you also learn guitar, keyboard, bass and rhythm. This synergy helps you more rapidly become a viable artist.

(Essential assignments = no wasted time. Cool!)

You save time by avoiding irrelevant studies; learn only what's essentially important.

(Record and email your homework for immediate feedback. Professional!)

USSCM's online technology enables the most efficient learning experience possible, with minimal feedback time.

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